A charming boutique hotel-relais in Verona

A villa immersed in history

A few kilometres from Verona, along the route of the ancient Via Postumia, lies the Illasi valley.
Climbing the valley, in the town of San Zeno, one comes across the majestic silhouette of "Villa Zoppi", a significant example of the new wealth produced by the development of the bourgeois economy of the 1700s. During those years, the wealthy Zoppi Family of Verona, expand their interests in the municipality of Colognola ai Colli (from the Latin coloniola, or small colony), acquiring several lands called "the Campagnola" in the San Zeno area. Caterina Zoppi marries Giuliano Morelli, a prestigious textile entrepreneur who had recently arrived in Verona and who is particularly interested in the area.
Around the year 1768 he took over the investment fund and rural houses of the "Campagnola", from the Zoppi and other neighbouring families,  and built the prestigious villa, known today as "Villa Zoppi".

Today Villa Zoppi, purchased by the Gonzato family, has undergone careful philological restoration, transforming its agricultural-productive vocation into a hotel business thus transforming the building into a charming boutique hotel-relais near Verona that is able to offer its guests an original backdrop  thanks to the Italian gardens, the tree-lined walled vegetable garden and extraordinarily comfortable accommodation.