Suite with spa in Verona

The relaxing location you were looking for


Enjoy a Private Spa escape with packages that include aromatherapy, Dinner for two in the SPA with steam bath, sauna and relax area. In the utmost privacy


You will be surrounded by a pleasantly pampering cloud of steam. The water droplets on your skin will give you a feeling of regained youth. Inhaling the steam will also benefit your breathing. A relaxing experience that will remind you of the true meaning of the word wellness.
The steam room, thanks to its invigorating and relaxing properties, is proven to be one of the best therapies to combat the stress and tension to which we are subjected daily. It promotes deep cleansing of the skin, softens the respiratory tract and provides psycho-physical relaxation.


Soul Sauna is an effective remedy to combat the stress of a hectic life, and at the same time, an opportunity to look inwards, to resume an intimate conversation with yourself. It promotes the elimination of excess fluids and metabolic waste, relaxes the muscles and balances your sleep rhythm. The sensations? Pure energy, dry and intense heat that invades the body causing rapid and profound sweating. In order to be able to love others, one must first learn to love oneself. Relax and focus on the sensations and emotions of your body, leave your mind free to wander and discover your inner spaces, Soul Sauna is all this and more!


After having allowed yourself a sauna in the name of total well-being, the icefall is the perfect solution to achieve a real toning and invigorating effect. Ice crystals are to be massaged on the body from the lower limbs towards the head. The icefall helps normalise the body temperature and heart rate with holistic beneficial effects. This particular type of treatment recalls the traditions of the northern countries where it is customary, on exiting the sauna, to throw yourself into the snow.


The Starpool Salt Wall combines the benefits of mineral salt with the soothing effects of light.
Breathing in its components in the company of good music helps to ward off stress and promotes relaxation.
You know what they say, the first step towards true happiness is to lighten your load and keep the pressure off.