villa with gardens Verona

The Italian gardens

The word "paradise", through the Latin (paradisus) and the Greek (paradeisos), stems from the Persian (pairidaez) and means garden.
At Villa Zoppi we wanted to honour the origins of the word by recreating a real piece of paradise for our guests.
Uniquely beautiful gardens of priceless cultural value, among the most majestic in Verona, 3500 square metres of pristine natural space enclosed by a 100-year-old wall.
Our gardens are a natural jewel that recounts the biodiversity of the many types of plants present, carefully researched and selected and arranged meticulously in order to offer an unparalleled journey through nature.
Allow yourself to be captivated by the exaltation of the senses that a walk in nature can give you, a journey of scents and magical sensations.
"Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are",  wrote the great British poet, Alfred Austin. Would you like to find out what Villa Zoppi is?
All you have to do is discover it with your own eyes, you will be pleasantly surprised!

a delightful corner of cool relaxation

At Villa Zoppi, well-being is the protagonist of your stay.
The property offers a charming outdoor pool for the exclusive use of its guests. Immersed in greenery, it is the ideal solution to refresh and regenerate body and soul, especially on the hottest summer days. Recharge your batteries by letting yourself be kissed by the sun's rays, lying at the edge of the pool or on our sunbeds, stress-free.
The swimming pool is designed for spending unforgettable moments of absolute relaxation and serenity.

“Relax, withdraw, push every other thought way from you. Let the world around you dissolve away into the indistinct.”
(Italo Calvino)

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